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Is Your Scarf Flammable? Women’s Scarves Recalled Due to Flammability Hazard

Do you have one of these cute scarves? 

If so, be advised that there’s been at least 1 report of these scarves catching fire and they have now been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as they failed to meet the federal flammability standard for wearing apparel and therefore, pose a risk of burn injury to consumers.

Both the Julie Vos “Sierra” and “Anchor” style scarves have been recalled.

The scarves are 100 percent modal fabric, a type of rayon, and were sold in two prints, Anchor and Sierra. Anchor was sold in three colors, including blue, green and orange.

Sierra was sold in four colors, including raspberry/magenta, orange/peach, cream/gray and blue/purple. The scarves measure 75 inches long by 45 inches wide. Julie Vos is printed on a tag sewn into the back of the scarf.

Manufactured in India, these imported scarves have been sold at specialty boutiques across the country and online at from January 2014 through February 2014 for about $165. 

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and contact Julie Vos to arrange to return the scarves for a full refund. Julie Vos will provide a pre-paid postage label for shipping.

More information on the product recall may be found here:

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